Доставка и экспорт из США

Обслуживание клиентов

Please see below directory for inquiries and all other support by departments and office locations.

Contacts by locations:

W8 Shipping - Los Angeles:

24700 S Main St.
CA 90745, U.S.A
Tel: +1 424 368 8522

W8 Shipping - Warehouse in Linden:

2001 Lower Rd
NJ 07036, U.S.A.
Tel: +1 973 351 5706

W8 Shipping - Savannah

4895 Old Louisville Rd.
Garden City
GA 31408, U.S.A
Tel: +1 912 966 6820

W8 Shipping - Houston

6101 E Grand Parkway St
TX 77523, U.S.A.
Tel: +1 830 280 0260

W8 Shipping - Seattle

2102 Milwaukee Way,
WA 98421
Tel: +1 253 844 2892

Contacts by department:


Department is responsible for car pick up,
delivery delays, additional damages inside the auction,
missing keys:


Department is responsible for all missing titles and parts only BOS, obtaining authorization letters, tax ID’s, documents from state DMV’s and other documents necessary for export. Verification if sale documents provided by seller/auction for car are valid for export:


Department is responsible for questions
related to bookings, shipping instructions and
any amendments to BL’s:

Adding New Cars

Department is responsible for adding new cars
in our system:


Department is responsible for all containers
releases and related issues:


Department is responsible for load planning:

Export documentation

Department is responsible for clearing customs:


Department is responsible for uploading car
and container pictures in our system:

Customer Service

Department is responsible for new auction accounts,
issues with current auction accounts,
quotes, new member registration, damages,
purchasing parts, new car purchases


Department is responsible for locating and applying payments for both car and shipping invoices.
For all issues with payments done directly to auctions.


Department is responsible for the RORO cargo quotes,
or any issues related to RORO service.


Department responsible for all the cargo invoices,
any questions related to storages, late fees or questions
about the invoices.