Shipping & Export from U.S.

General Info

W8 Shipping sister company G&G Auto Sales LLC is a Licensed used car wholesale dealer in USA, that can offer our International clients remarkable terms and take advantage of all the benefits vehicle dealers have in all US auto auctions and it goes beyond just purchasing a vehicle. Using our provided access to auctions allows clients to actually eliminate hiring or appointing middlemen to deal with documentation or other issues that can sometimes arise. As your broker, G&G Auto Sales LLC will make all necessary arrangements for vehicle payment, document preparation, vehicle pick up from auctions and we will complete all necessary authorization letters and other documents for export clearance.

In 2020 our clients have purchased over 80 thousand vehicles using G&G Auto Sales dealer access to auctions. This volume ranks G&G Auto Sales LLC among the top five biggest car dealers registered with the largest USA auto auctions such as Copart and IAAI.

Vehicles purchased through our dealership are exported to United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Cambodia, Ukraine and Republic of Georgia as well as other countries worldwide.

Some of the advantages buying your cars using G&G Auto Sales provided access are:

  • G&G Auto sales clients can make a single wire transfer for all cars across all auctions and we will distribute that money to each auction per client's instructions;
  • Larger vehicle selection - some cars are not offered for sale to foreign buyers or those who do not hold US wholesale car dealer license;
  • US wholesale car dealer does not pay sales tax for purchased exportable vehicles at auto auctions;
  • New title application - foreign buyers cannot apply for new title in the US;
  • Ability to resell a vehicle in case of accidental purchase – foreign buyers can only relist or renege cars, resale is better option in many cases;
  • Our USA team will contact auction directly regarding any issues such as missing keys or titles;
  • Reputation of a large, well established account;

Even though G&G Auto Sales LLC is mainly a wholesaler's choice of frontier, smaller resellers and exporters can benefit from our provided advantages as well. We invite anyone interested in purchasing used cars for export, to reach out to the nearest W8 Shipping branch and our team members will answer all your questions and guide you every step of the way.

General Info